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About Coinextra

Coinextra is a modern investment company, the activities of our company relate to the trading in currency pairs in the Forex market, the trading in cryptocurrency, the purchase and sale of shares of large international companies and other derivative financial instruments on stock indices and commodity assets. Trading in Forex market is, by all means, the most profitable way of making investments that can can be found.

Coinextra trade in its trading combines different strategies. Firstly, we use the short-term and intraday trading and more proven Forex trading strategies we also utilize proven Forex trading strategies such as: the 50-pips a day forex strategy, daily Fobonacci pivot strategy as well as 10 pips a day scalping forex strategy. Our experienced traders use these strategies to uncover solid trading opportunities. This allows us to control the trade and avoid losses. Our professionalism lets us put rather high interest rates for investments attraction. Welcome to us, we are always glad to mutually beneficial cooperation.